Thursday, April 23, 2009

Book Posters - Bill Sokol

Remember the book posters we showed here recently by Rudi Bass these are by Bill Sokol.
These were all designed for the New York Times - the art director was Louis Silverstein.
I really like the top image - those big crazy white boots are so fun with a stripy bathing suit!
You can see and buy some other reprints from the International Poster Gallery.


Victoria said...

I thought the same thing about the top pic... what a great outfit! (Love her figure, too!)

Fabio Bucciardini said...

Book + Vacation a perfect mix... in a fantastic graphics!!


Randy said...

I am Bill Sokol's daughter Randy Sokol. Would you be interested in seeing more of Bill Sokol's art?

Stickers and Stuff said...

Hey Randy,
I would be totally honored to share more of your fathers work on Stickers and Stuff.
Feel free to email me:

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