Friday, February 02, 2007

Heather Ross

Heather Ross is such a fabulous designer. I loved her Munki Munki swimming pool fabric.
These camper vans are just great too.
You can buy more of her fabrics at Reprodepot


Anonymous said...

Very nice job ( heather Ross and your Blog)! I'm looking for the "family on the beach" above "camper vans" on your photo. Is a Heather Ross work ? Do you know the name of this? I din't find it.
Thanks and good continuation.

Amy C said...

Hey Anon,
thanks for your comment.
Yes all of the designs in this post are by Heather Ross. I have had a look on the web and cant find it. I am guessing it must be discontinued as the date of this post is 2007.
Hope you manage to track some down!
Good luck

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