Friday, March 13, 2009

Grain Edit - bookshelves

I am totally honored to be over at Grain Edit today sharing a few top picks from my bookshelves.
Grain Edit is one of my favorite daily reads, they are also having a fab give away this week!


yoon see said...

Thanks for sharing Amy.
Your blog is so interesting and inspiring:)
I will include it in my yoonseelink and always drop by here:)

Elyse said...


what a fun site. actually - i have been here before. i'll have to add it to my blogroll.

some favorite illustrators of mine that you might like:
steffie lerch
lois lenski
old grosset & dunlap books with pictures by t. izawa and s. hijikata (you will LOVE these, i just know it)


dave said...

Thanks again Amy! for sharing with our grain edit readers.

colchu said...

Thanks for the link Amy. Keep on digging up all this good stuff!

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