Thursday, November 05, 2009

My Closet Full of Hats - Harvey Weiss

My Closet Full of Hats - written and illustrated by Harvey Weiss published in 1962.
This book is really fun and sweet, I guess I was drawn to showing you the pink and red pages!


Robert said...

you may have answered before, but where do you find all these old picture books?

Amy C said...

hey Robert, I am lucky to have some great thrift stores near me, my library also likes to get rid of books with a big cheap book sale a few times a year.
I get some of them on line - like amazon etc....
And then some of the books I get from the library (we have an amazing library system) so I don't own all of these gems.
Whenever we go away I try to look out for thrift stores and bookstores!
Have a lovely day.
Amy (stickers and stuff)

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