Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Happy 101

1. searing heat

2. finding unusual books and bargains in thrift stores

3. stickers

4. hiking above the tree line (I know this contradicts with no. 1 but we usually go in the summer when there isn't too much snow left).

5. tree ripened mangoes (and most tropical fruit).

a while ago Lorelei from the sweet and delightful blog Hiving Out tagged me with Happy 101 - simply make a list of things that make you happy, while I don't always participate in tags I thought this was rather fun.
I am supposed to tag 5 blogs so here's where I squirm and and then turn into a wimp and just say, hey if you would like to take part go ahead, you are all invited.
Thanks Lorelei
orangey sun image by me!


bee said...

Loving that sun, what a fabulous illustraton! Super awesome :D

Lorelei said...

Totally agree with #2 :)

Kiersten said...

Love it and am going to make my list now!

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