Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Kreative - 7 things about me!

Hazel Terry of the ever inspiring Art Room Plant
Awarded me with the Kreative blog award - where I tell you 7 things about me:

1. I love to ride my bicycle (for our honeymoon we rode from Venice to Athens)

2. I can make a weird flower shape with my tongue (I think a photo would totally gross you out)

3. I find it really hard to follow recipes and usually make stuff up

4. I always squeal at pictures of cute fluffy animals (and have to restrain from filling this blog with them (especially bunnies))

5. You know I love stickers but I am really selective about adding them to my collection (I am like that about everything, my friends call me a mega minimalist because I like to get rid of stuff)

6. I have lived in 3 countries

7. I totally LOVE my job because I get to draw pictures all day long - fluffy bunny image by me!


Hazel Terry said...

Wonderful Amy
I have all the same traits except the tongue thing, Mine is genetically incapable of gymnastics.

turning pages said...

Great! I always love to read the Kreative blog award entries. Everyone tells great things about themselves.

I love your bunnies, and your blog!

bee said...

hahah very cool! I definitely share the squealing at cute fluffy animals thing with you... I guess there's no need to tell you bout the 'Cute Overload' site then?!

Kickcan and Conkers said...

Great - so you're a globe-trotting, sticker-loving, tongue flower-making, fluffy bunny kinda gal then... :)
I have yet to compile my list Hazel...

Patty said...

Oh yay a blog award, congratulations! Which 3 countries?

Brad said...

i think this is my new favorite blog! your posts, and your taste is second to none. Thanks for guiding me to Eric Holle. I am off to buy some books now! :)

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