Monday, October 24, 2011

MOO - Holiday Card Review

MOO asked if I would like to try out printing some of their Holiday Cards and fill you in on my thoughts.
The cards arrived this morning which was super fast - (I ordered them on Wednesday).
I am really really pleased with how they turned out: the colors are spot on, the print quality is very sharp & the stock is lovely and thick with a nice matte finish.
Within your order at MOO you can make every card different, you can use their designs or upload you own, I chose to use my own bunny illustration and print them all the same.
You also get the chance to add your logo on the back, which I did, they come with envelopes too.
Now I am all set for the holidays!
Thanks MOO


Tamara Henderson said...

Cute little card, love the holiday bunny

Bethany Hissong said...

This info is so great to know! I always loved MOO's business card quality. Now I know where to go for printed cards. Love this one Amy!!

almond paarman said...

I'm really happy how they turned out the color in stock, print quality is very sharp and the stock is lovely, and a nice pink thick.

holiday card printing

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