Thursday, July 10, 2008

Bus Tickets

Whenever I visit another place or country and end up taking the bus or train I always save the ticket and stick it in my sketchbook. Yesterday I was researching transport for an illustration and came upon these beauties:
The beautiful San Francisco Muni Pass from the colors are changed every month and are always different.
Argentina bus tickets from Subtlety In Excess
Vintage London Bus tickets from London Transport
Mining Town tickets (I love the one for dogs) from Mining Memorabilla
Above 'Argentina Bus Tickets' from Mono No Aware.

This photograph 'Old Penang Bus Tickets' from ReFo on flickr
Finally some more Muni Passes from Vanessa Dina's house seen over at Design Sponge


Leti said...

Thanks for linking out to me. I love your site. When I was a kid I once bought a magazine called "Stickers and Stuff" it was amazing, but I never found it again.

Ms Unreliable said...

I love this idea! Many of these remind me of the little green bus tickets I used when I was growing up, and the high tech pull-string bell system that my local buses used to boast.

Lovely, thank you for sharing!

xx Kit

HMK said...

Very cool - here's a few from my collection:



izahabiya said...

nice stuff dear, i have a small collection of the bus tickets which i collected while travelling everyday to work, its of (MUMBAI).. INDIA.

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