Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Nathanna - design studio

Last week I was kindly asked by Lauren Ray Wagner from the fabulous design studio Nathanna to see if I might be interested in sharing some of her mid-century books here on Stickers and Stuff - of course I couldn't wait to see what goodies she might come up with (we will be posting those for the next few days! - you are going to love them...)
In the meantime here are some beautiful images by Lauren and Jesse who are the creators behind Nathanna.

The Center for Rural Strategies is a nonprofit organization based in Eastern Kentucky. They consider themselves the "voice box" for organizations that aren't able to speak for themselves. These logo designs are variations on the themes of progress, ideation, and support.

Old City Java is a local coffee shop with two goals: to serve high-quality, great-tasting coffee, and to educate interested clientele about the origins and science of coffee, from seed to cup.

Knoxville Baconfest 2009 was an event developed by two of Lauren's friends (Laura Sohn and Anna Bogle). The idea was to hold an event that was part-party/part-competition and all about the celebration of smoked pork products. Laura and Anna recruited Nathanna to design all printed materials for the event, and gave them free reign with all aspects of concept development and collateral.

This is a show poster designed by Jesse. At the time this was designed, Jesse was working at a corporate design job and was feeling a little underwhelmed by the business aspect of design, so he considered this poster a reaction to that.

When this was designed Lauren was interning at Yee-Haw Industries in Knoxville. The idea behind the overall project was to create a poster-guided walking tour of Downtown Knoxville. Each poster begins with the statement "If you were here..." followed by an event or fact and history unique to the building you would be standing in front of.
Click here to contact Nathanna and here to see more.

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