Friday, April 17, 2009

Guest: Lauren Ray Wagner.......part 3

Here is the 3rd and final post of guest blogger Lauren's images.
It has been a delight to see all of these great retro designs, its hard to pick out any favorites they were all fabulous. Thanks so very much Lauren.

TITLE: 641 Tested Recipes from the Sealtest™ Kitchens (©1954 National Dairy Corp.)
DESCRIPTION: I enjoy cooking, and love cute food- and cooking-themed illustrations. While I probably will never prepare any of these recipes, the fun that is implied by these unexpected illustrations makes me want to cook!

TITLE: Starfish
AUTHOR: Edith Thacher Hurd (Thomas Y. Crowell Company, NY ©1962)
DESCRIPTION: Unfortunately, these images do not do the illustrations adequate justice. In person, the book is really striking. A beautiful three-color palette using colors that don't immediately come to mind when you think of ocean-dwelling creatures, but undeniably works. Bloch's use of fine lines and organic dots evoke such a warm and serene view of the ocean floor.

TITLE: The Moon Seems to Change
AUTHOR: Franklyn M. Branley (Thomas Y. Crowell Company, NY ©1960)
DESCRIPTION: Striking, quintessential 3-color Helen Borton illustrations. They really speak for themselves!

TITLE: What Makes Day and Night
AUTHOR: Franklyn M. Branley
DESCRIPTION: Again, Helen Borton! Need I say more?

TITLE: Why It's a Holiday
AUTHOR: Ann McGovern
ILLUSTRATIONS: Dagmar Wilson (Random House NY ©1960)
DESCRIPTION: A fun hardcover book about non-religious and religious holidays. Nice two-color, effortless-looking illustrations!

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Cristina Martins said...

These are great books! I am in love with the first one.. so cute!

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