Thursday, April 16, 2009

Guest: Lauren Ray Wagner.......part 2

TITLE: I Often Wish
AUTHOR: Babette Deutsch (Funk & Wagnalls, A Division of Reader's Digest Books, Inc. NY ©1966)
DESCRIPTION: A sweet hardcover children's book about what it would be like to be each of the animals or people pictured. Charming two-color illustrations.

TITLE: Katy's First Day: A Going-to-School Story (originally published under the title Katy Did)
AUTHOR: Jean Conder Soule (Whitman Books/Western Publishing Company ©1972)
DESCRIPTION: This was my favorite book when I was younger, especially when I began going to school. I looked a lot like the main character, and I still wear and have an affinity for coats like the colorful ones the girls pictured are wearing! As silly as it may sound, these illustrations remind me of how I viewed the world when I was younger.

TITLE: Linde™ Oxygen Therapy Handbook
AUTHOR: Linde Company, Division of Union Carbide Corporation, ©1957
DESCRIPTION: Not much to look at on the inside (mostly black and white photos of patients undergoing oxygen therapy), but I really enjoyed this cover illustration.

TITLE: Music and Electronics (Prepared with the cooperation of Science Service)
AUTHOR: J. Gordon Holt (Nelson Doubleday, Inc. Garden City, NY ©1961)
DESCRIPTION: This booklet is from a series of about 15-20 of the same kind, all dealing in scientific subjects ranging from ballistics to archaeology. They also offer a bit of interactivity by including two pages of gummed, perforated color plates to be applied where indicated throughout the booklet (ours are still intact, thankfully!). I'm particularly fond of this illustration style, like the ones for the "Dinner Parties" book (coincidentally the same illustrator)

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Me said...

these are lovely, the cover on the oxygen therapy handbook is stunning.
And Katy's First Day is totally cute - I love their colored coats too.

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