Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Guest: Lauren Ray Wagners images........ part 1

Yesterday I told you we would be posting some images from Lauren's collection.
There are lots and they are all really fabulous, we are going to be posting them in three parts.
Thank you so much for sharing them with us.
Today - part 1:
Over to you Lauren.

TITLE: How You Grow (Junior Life Adjustment Booklet)
AUTHOR: Bernice L. Neugarten (Science Research Associates, Chicago ©1951)
ILLUSTRATIONS: Lucy Ozone (what a great name!)
DESCRIPTION: Another nice two-color pamphlet dealing with the woes of adolescence. I particularly like the blockiness of the yellow used to highlight these "angsty" teens.

TITLE: How to Give Successful Dinner Parties (from the Amy Vanderbilt Success Program for Women)
AUTHOR: Adele Whitely Fletcher (Nelson Doubleday, Inc., Garden City, NY, ©1963)
ILLUSTRATIONS: Line drawings by Frank Lacano; Cover illustrations by Gil Evans
DESCRIPTION: A fun look back at the planning of elegant dinner parties, including helpful tips on "when to say goodnight" and addressing troublesome issues as "the guests who never want to go home." I just love the illustrations paired with the huge swaths of color.

TITLE: Pamphlet promoting Good Housekeeping's Book of Home Entertainment
DESCRIPTION: I believe I found this in a larger Good Housekeeping or Better Homes and Gardens book that I purchased at a thrift store. 1950's, I believe. Loved the peoples' expressions and the nice charcoal drawings.

TITLE: High Noon Rocket
AUTHOR: Charles Paul May (Holiday House, New York ©1966)
DESCRIPTION: Hardcover book with lovely, gestural blue wash and ink illustrations.

TITLE: A Story About You
AUTHORS: Marion O. Lerrigo, Ph.D., Helen Southard, M.A. (American Medical Association ©1964)
ILLUSTRATIONS: No illustrator credited
DESCRIPTION: A sex-ed pamphlet for adolescents (children in grades 4, 5, 6). I was taken in by this illustration/photo juxtaposition, and how out of place it seems compared to the stark diagrams throughout the rest of the pamphlet (not worth showing).


kristine lombardi said...

These are great! Keep them coming. :)

Victoria said...

All are wonderful! I especially like the illustrations from "How you grow"... delightful.

Z OHora said...

These are beautiful! Especially the cover "How you Grow"...wouldn't it be nice if there was actually a book for everything in life...ok boring, but still be nice to have some reference....aaahh, the 50's...answers for everything.

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